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Your Guide to Growing Beyond Part-Time Freelance to a Small Business

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Freelancing full-time is exciting and challenging and can lead to even bigger and better things. From attracting clients to outfitting your company with the right tools and technology, join Remote Control for a deep dive into turning your freelance gig into a small business.

Why Freelance Full-Time?

Turning a side gig into a full-time freelance operation is tempting for many full-time workers. Freelancing does mean you’re responsible for business taxes and other financials. 

But it also gives you creative freedom, the ability to pursue any professional interest, and a means of maximizing your income. Read on for more on how to scale your work into a business rather than a one-off freelance project.

Plan Your Business Growth

Though all types of freelancing have similarities, growing a business is vastly different from picking up the occasional side gig. Leaping into full-time freelancing offers plenty of benefits, but it requires planning, too.

A business plan is an excellent way to convert your side gig into a small business. The plan should describe your company, services, organizational structure, and funding and finance info. As you scale up, adjust your business plan and add details. 

Prepare to Find Work

Finding work usually involves two parts; showcasing your expertise and ensuring your ideal clients actually see your information. Start preparing to take on new clients by polishing up your resume and other portfolio details. 

Choose from a library of templates to create your own free resume, then add copy, photos, and colors to customize your CV. Consider displaying your resume on a website to help prospective clients find you. A business website is also essential for marketing efforts to reach your ideal audience, explains SCORE.

Ramp Up Marketing Efforts

Marketing is a necessary part of finding work, but it becomes more important as you scale your business. A steady stream of clients ensures you have enough work, and marketing to a specific audience helps you target people and businesses that are the perfect fit.

Start by identifying your ideal client; define who they are, what they need, their budget, and other details. With this profile in mind, you can track down those clients and market directly to them.

With countless means of online marketing, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Keep your ideal client—and their favorite social media platforms—in mind while developing marketing campaigns. Social media is often a helpful place to begin with digital marketing.

Enlist the Help of Software

As your business expands, keeping track of clients, projects, deadlines, and details can become challenging. Fortunately, there is a software product for nearly everything, and many tools are free.

Your app needs will vary depending on your service offerings and business model. Here are some ideas to consider:

Try free tools (or free trials) before committing to paid products; some of the top-rated applications are unpaid yet feature-packed.

Move On Up (and Even Away)

Freelancing is almost a synonym for freedom, both schedule- and location-wise. By freelancing and building a remote business, you can work anywhere. Whether you select a home base city or travel regularly, remote work equals flexibility.

Of course, a jam-packed travel itinerary could limit your working hours. Scaling your business and outsourcing tasks can give you even more freedom. Even better, work can continue even while you sleep if you hire contractors in different time zones.

To learn as you scale, consider surveying your customers for feedback. It’s easy to entice them to participate with this solution. By offering gift cards, you encourage them to both use more of your product or service and tell you what they think about it.

Converting your freelance work into a business takes effort, but it’s worth the investment. Growing a small business gives you freedom and financial security, plus it’s open-ended enough to evolve with you over time.

To learn how to run your business from anywhere in the world, visit Remote Control today!

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Transforming eCommerce: How Digital Technology Can Revolutionize Your Operations

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E-commerce operations have come a long way since the dawn of the internet. With the right digital tools and strategies, online retailers can now revolutionize their operations, streamline their processes and create a better customer experience. In this article, Remote Control explores various ways in which digital technology can help businesses achieve these goals.

Advantages for Businesses in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation cannot be ignored for businesses looking to gain an edge in today’s dynamic marketplace. Among other benefits, embracing digital technology can result in increased efficiency, cost savings, scalability, customer satisfaction, and innovation. Setting up an e-commerce website is just the beginning — enterprises must fully integrate digital technology across all levels of operation to successfully realize these advantages.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial intelligence is a game-changing tool for businesses with the ability to leverage digital technology. It enhances customer experiences, streamlines processes, and predicts market trends. E-commerce businesses can use AI to provide personalized product recommendations, boosting sales conversions and customer loyalty while chatbots powered by AI offer round-the-clock customer support, freeing up human resources.

Deploy Smart Workflow Automation

Take your e-commerce operations to the next level with intelligent automation. Automating key processes like inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping can help businesses streamline processes and reduce costs. With automated systems, you can even detect illicit transactions and minimize financial losses. Click here for more on how intelligent automation can increase customer satisfaction and transparency while helping you save money.

Improve Mobile User Experience

In today’s e-commerce world, businesses cannot afford to overlook mobile optimization as a key aspect of their strategy. With an increasing number of consumers now preferring to shop online via their mobile devices, prioritizing mobile optimization has become an absolute must. From responsive design to location-based marketing and push notifications, businesses must adopt a comprehensive approach to mobile optimization if they want to drive sales and turn one-time customers into loyal, returning buyers.

Optimize Supply Chain With Tech

Successful e-commerce heavily relies on efficient supply chain management, and businesses must prioritize this to stay ahead of the competition. The use of advanced technology tools such as RFID tags and data analytics is indispensable in streamlining the supply chain processes and reducing expenses. By leveraging the power of RFID tags, businesses can track inventory levels in real-time, and advanced data analytics can provide crucial insights into inefficiencies allowing companies to optimize deliveries, minimize shipping costs, and enhance customers’ overall experience.

Improve Service With Chatbot Integration

Incorporating AI-powered chatbots is a revolutionary step towards enhancing e-commerce operations as these bots are no longer limited to customer support but extend to sales and marketing efforts. With chatbots, businesses can enable 24/7 customer engagement, providing instant personalized solutions and recommendations that facilitate the sales process. Compared to conventional customer care methods, chatbots offer unparalleled benefits, enhancing the overall customer experience while saving businesses valuable time and resources

Consider Blockchain Technology for Investment

Investing in blockchain technology could be a crucial step for businesses to enhance transparency, and security, and mitigate fraud. The technology allows the creation of a tamper-proof ledger of transactions where all blocks of data are linked, ensuring data cannot be modified. This unparalleled transparency makes blockchain ideal for supply chain management, product authentication, and financial transactions, reducing unwanted interference by malicious actors while increasing trust among stakeholders.

Digital technology can revolutionize and augment e-commerce operations, offering an amplified efficiency level and excellent customer service. Businesses can deliver a bespoke and seamless shopping experience to their customers by utilizing digital tools. Integrating technology can play a pivotal role in steering exceptional success and immense growth for any e-commerce business.

To learn more about running a successful business from anywhere in the world, visit Remote Control today!

Sarah Noel left her corporate job to work as a freelancer, seeking a balance between work and life. Since then, she has been on a mission to work on her own terms, teaching herself to work smarter, not harder, and committing to separating work and home. Now, through, she shares her best practices with other freelancers, hoping to inspire them to do the same.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad

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Are you looking for an unconventional way to make money? Do you want to explore the world while working remotely? If so, becoming a digital nomad might be the perfect fit for you. As a digital nomad, you can work from anywhere in the world and have more freedom and flexibility than ever before. Here are some tips on how to become a successful digital nomad.

Best Jobs for Digital Nomads

The best jobs for digital nomads are those that can be done remotely and don’t require you to be physically present in an office or other location. Some of the most popular jobs include web design, software development, copywriting, virtual assistant services, and online tutoring. You can also find freelance gigs through online job boards.

Marketing Yourself

Once you have decided on what type of job you want to do as a digital nomad, it’s important to market yourself effectively so that potential clients can find your services. Create a portfolio website with links to your work, list yourself on job boards, and join professional networks. You should also create social media profiles on platforms where you can share your work and connect with potential customers.

Finding Tech-Friendly Rentals and Accommodations

Finding tech-friendly accommodations is essential when living abroad as a digital nomad. It will enable you to stay connected with clients and customers no matter where you are located in the world. Some sites offer co-living spaces specifically designed for remote workers who need access to reliable internet connection and shared amenities like gyms or pools.

Saving On Travel Expenses

Never shy away from a life of adventure. As a digital nomad, it’s important to save money on travel costs. Fly with budget airlines and join loyalty programs. These programs can often give you discounts or even free nights after multiple stays at certain locations. By booking flights months ahead, you can find cheaper tickets compared to last-minute bookings.

Communicating Effectively With Clients and Customers

Communication is key when working remotely as a digital nomad. It ensures that everyone involved understands expectations clearly from start to finish. Make sure that all communication is done via email or chat apps so that everything is documented properly in case questions arise later down the line about project details or deadlines.

Getting Paid

Getting paid quickly and securely is essential when working remotely. This ensures that all parties involved receive their payments promptly without any hiccups along the way. Most companies now offer direct deposit options which make getting paid much easier than ever before but there are still other methods available depending on your situation.

Boosting Your Skills by Enrolling in an Online Degree Program

If you’re looking to take the plunge into becoming a digital nomad, taking advantage of an online degree program could be the key to boosting your skills and knowledge and can help ensure you’re ready for the road. Whether you’re looking to pivot in your career or not, most employers now value the unique perspectives remote workers have to offer. Taking online classes is an easy way to build relevant skills and knowledge, without having to sacrifice valuable time for your new lifestyle. For example, if you want to earn an IT degree, check this out. Look for a program that also offers certification opportunities to boost your job prospects even further.

Becoming a successful digital nomad takes preparation, but it also offers many rewards along with new challenges! Take some time now before making any big decisions regarding becoming a digital nomad by taking steps like finding a suitable job, marketing yourself, and enrolling in an online degree program. These tips should put anyone interested in taking their first steps toward becoming a successful digital nomad at ease.

If you’re planning on becoming a digital nomad, visit Remote Control for tips and resources on how to make it work. 

Sarah Noel left her corporate job to work as a freelancer, seeking a balance between work and life. Since then, she has been on a mission to work on her own terms, teaching herself to work smarter, not harder, and committing to separating work and home. Now, through, she shares her best practices with other freelancers, hoping to inspire them to do the same.

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Bouncing Back: From Unemployed to Entrepreneur

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Businesses close, budgets get cut, and organizations make structural changes. These events happen every day, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t cut you to the quick. Fortunately, you don’t have to linger in fear of the financial unknown, and there are plenty of ways that you can bounce back as an independent business owner. In addition to having control over your own income, becoming an entrepreneur lets you make a difference in your community.

Today on Remote Control, we offer a few tips on how you can start your own Home-based business after taking a career hit.

The Emotional Side of Job Loss

According to Science Daily, being emotionally attached to your workplace can lead to greater well-being. However, it is this same sentiment that makes it harder to process the loss of our positions (or are businesses if we’ve delved into entrepreneurship before). A major career step back can leave us wondering what we did wrong and, even more concerning, have us scrambling to figure out how to support our families, especially if you’re going from a two-income household to a single-income home. Give yourself a few days to face these issues so that you can move forward with a clear head and an eager heart.

Now’s a Good Time for Technology

Technology has made it easier than ever to start businesses, especially for those of us who want to work remotely. There are also plenty of pieces of software that can help you start and expand a new business, no matter which industry you’re in. If you want to move into the construction sector, for example, you can use estimating and construction software to more efficiently estimate labor and material cost. You may consider this option if you also want to be able to accept payments online and easily keep track of your customers.

Technology can also help you in marketing as well. With little more than a quick Google search, you’ll find lots of social platforms that can help you promote your business. Marketing firm Oyova lists Google My Business, Facebook, and YouTube among these.

Have You Ever Had an LLC?

Before you get ready to start any type of business, it pays to know your future business structure. Ideally, you’ll form an LLC, which is a simple structure that requires very little paperwork but keeps your personal assets separate from those of your business. You can form online using a formation service (this is much cheaper than an attorney) that already has location-based regulations listed for you.

You Have Options

Contrary to what you might be thinking now, you don’t necessarily have to jump right back into your area of expertise to have a successful at-home business. The Telecommuter Guide offers up several other options, including cost reduction consultant, video game tournament promoter, podcasting, and website broker, as just a few great remote business ideas.

At Home for the Win

There are so many reasons that starting a remote business makes sense, especially as you’re reeling from a loss. Not only do you have an opportunity to spend more time with your family, you’ll also be out of the drudge of the daily commute. This alone can save you hours each week that you can put toward building your brand or simply doing something you love.

Ultimately, starting a new business after a career setback is a great way to take the reins of your own future. While this might look different for different people, simple steps, such as forming an LLC and utilizing technology/software to get started, are part of the healing and regrouping process. But remember, you have to acknowledge the emotional impact so that you can move ahead with a clear head.

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Build the Career You Want: 5 Tips for Working Women

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As a woman, you might face challenges in the workplace that it seems like your male colleagues simply never have to deal with. You may wonder how you can get ahead when you’re facing additional obstacles as you aim for your dreams. Furthermore, these guidelines can show you how to tackle your big career goals.


No matter what your career goals are, it’s important to start networking so that you can learn about exciting opportunities through your circle – and meet people who will put a good word in for you when they hear about a great job opening! When you’re networking, Korn Ferry Advance recommends connecting with people who are involved with multiple networks, nurturing a close circle of female friends and mentors, and being open to hosting your own events!

When you’re going to networking events, it’s important to look professional. If you’re not satisfied with your work wardrobe, and you’d like to update it with a few sleek new pieces, it might be time to go shopping! MoneyCrashers recommends thinking in terms of “dress codes” and buying pieces that would suit professional, formal, and casual events. You can also dress up your outfits with fun accessories to make your looks a bit livelier.

Earning a Promotion

Do you feel like you’re ready to move up at your company? Talk to your manager at your next performance review about which areas you need to work on, and which strengths you could lean in to. Keep an eye out for openings, and don’t hesitate to apply for something even if you’re not “the perfect fit.”

Head Back to School

If you’re interested in getting promoted within your company, but you currently lack the qualifications for a higher-level role, you may want to consider going back to school to further your education. Going back to school can also enable you to switch fields! For example, this may help if you’re interested in boosting your business skills—you can earn a business degree. Indeed states that degrees in fields like accounting, public relations, marketing, or supply chain management can all be lucrative.

Make a Career Transition

While getting a degree is one strategy to pave the way for a career transition, there are other things you can do to help break into a new field. For instance, you might want to work with a career coach. A career coach can help you identify exactly what you want to do next, and map out the steps you’ll need to take in order to get there.

Start Your Own Business

What if you’ve realized that you’re not necessarily fed up with your industry or your current position – you’re just not interested in working for someone else anymore? In this case, starting your own business might be the best course of action. To boost your chances of succeeding in this endeavor, you’ll want to write up a business plan before you start offering any products or services to the public. Your plan should include a clear description of your company, the structure you’ll register with, financial projections, and any funding you might need.

When you’re a woman in the workforce, it can feel like you don’t have as much support, mentorship, and guidance as the men in your field. But this does not mean that you have to give up on your professional goals. Today, women can reach the top of any field. By taking steps like going back to school, networking, and changing careers, you’ll be ready to make your dreams a reality.
Visit Remote Control to learn how to work or run your business from anywhere in the world.

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