Learn how to keep your existing job or run your business from anywhere in the world.

If you….
1. Are currently working a job, but would like to “go remote” so you can maintain that employment and work anywhere in the world.

2. Have an established business, but are looking to break free from the day to day there while continuing to grow it.

3. Want to work less or stop working (sooner rather than later), but have the time and financial freedom to experience more out of life…

Don’t quit your job or sell your business, go remote.

RCTRL helps you master two steps…

Step 1: Control Your Space

There are plenty of “quit your job and move overseas” resources available, nothing wrong with them, but each of those acts: changing your source of income AND traveling/moving to another country are both massive undertakings on their own. If you’re looking to take the shotgun approach to a life change, that will do it, but why do both of those at the same time if it isn’t necessary?

With a little guidance from myself and others who have done it, you can take steps towards making an arrangement with your employer about working remotely or if you own a business, setting yourself up to run it from anywhere. You’ve gotten this far, why not at least see if it’s possible? (It is.)

Step 2: Control Your Time

At some point, we all have to stop working, why not get there earlier and enjoy ourselves? I love working hard and I say I love doing nothing, but really I just love being able to do whatever I want. Control money and you control time.

You can do it!

The goal of the Remote Control Project is to help you achieve freedom in space and time to enjoy your life the way you want to live it. Through shared experiences, tips, tricks and hopefully a little humor, we hope to inspire you to follow your bliss.

About the RCTRL Writers
The Remote Control Project has attracted some incredibly amazing people and talented writers from around the globe with traveling and expat experience spanning over 90 countries, including some currently living in Thailand, Honduras, Germany, The Philippines, Amsterdam and Russia. All have been selected because they offer a positive approach to sharing their experiences in helping others achieve location freedom.

About Me
I’m an entrepreneur/remote professional, having set myself and my family “free” 2 years ago. I co-own and operate 2 successful businesses remotely (1 with over 50 employees, the other with 5), giving me the freedom to be anywhere I want. All business owners I know started their companies to be their own bosses and have freedom you don’t get from a job, yet many of us find out our companies become our jobs. We work for partners, clients and employees.

My goal is to help people like you do the same, whether it be continuously traveling or simply move to another place away from company headquarters.

Be sure to subscribe via email (up and to the right) and to the RCTRL YouTube channel.

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you the best in living your life remotely and with more control!



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