Your Guide to Growing Beyond Part-Time Freelance to a Small Business

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Freelancing full-time is exciting and challenging and can lead to even bigger and better things. From attracting clients to outfitting your company with the right tools and technology, join Remote Control for a deep dive into turning your freelance gig into a small business.

Why Freelance Full-Time?

Turning a side gig into a full-time freelance operation is tempting for many full-time workers. Freelancing does mean you’re responsible for business taxes and other financials. 

But it also gives you creative freedom, the ability to pursue any professional interest, and a means of maximizing your income. Read on for more on how to scale your work into a business rather than a one-off freelance project.

Plan Your Business Growth

Though all types of freelancing have similarities, growing a business is vastly different from picking up the occasional side gig. Leaping into full-time freelancing offers plenty of benefits, but it requires planning, too.

A business plan is an excellent way to convert your side gig into a small business. The plan should describe your company, services, organizational structure, and funding and finance info. As you scale up, adjust your business plan and add details. 

Prepare to Find Work

Finding work usually involves two parts; showcasing your expertise and ensuring your ideal clients actually see your information. Start preparing to take on new clients by polishing up your resume and other portfolio details. 

Choose from a library of templates to create your own free resume, then add copy, photos, and colors to customize your CV. Consider displaying your resume on a website to help prospective clients find you. A business website is also essential for marketing efforts to reach your ideal audience, explains SCORE.

Ramp Up Marketing Efforts

Marketing is a necessary part of finding work, but it becomes more important as you scale your business. A steady stream of clients ensures you have enough work, and marketing to a specific audience helps you target people and businesses that are the perfect fit.

Start by identifying your ideal client; define who they are, what they need, their budget, and other details. With this profile in mind, you can track down those clients and market directly to them.

With countless means of online marketing, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Keep your ideal client—and their favorite social media platforms—in mind while developing marketing campaigns. Social media is often a helpful place to begin with digital marketing.

Enlist the Help of Software

As your business expands, keeping track of clients, projects, deadlines, and details can become challenging. Fortunately, there is a software product for nearly everything, and many tools are free.

Your app needs will vary depending on your service offerings and business model. Here are some ideas to consider:

Try free tools (or free trials) before committing to paid products; some of the top-rated applications are unpaid yet feature-packed.

Move On Up (and Even Away)

Freelancing is almost a synonym for freedom, both schedule- and location-wise. By freelancing and building a remote business, you can work anywhere. Whether you select a home base city or travel regularly, remote work equals flexibility.

Of course, a jam-packed travel itinerary could limit your working hours. Scaling your business and outsourcing tasks can give you even more freedom. Even better, work can continue even while you sleep if you hire contractors in different time zones.

To learn as you scale, consider surveying your customers for feedback. It’s easy to entice them to participate with this solution. By offering gift cards, you encourage them to both use more of your product or service and tell you what they think about it.

Converting your freelance work into a business takes effort, but it’s worth the investment. Growing a small business gives you freedom and financial security, plus it’s open-ended enough to evolve with you over time.

To learn how to run your business from anywhere in the world, visit Remote Control today!

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