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I like getting people excited about making their lives better in whatever form or fashion that may be. I started Remote Control to help people get control of their space and time. YouTube: Blog:

Location Freedom is the Primary Objective, Not Necessarily Digital Nomadism [VIDEO]

There is a lot of hype around the Digital Nomad lifestyle, definitely a good thing, but it isn’t for everyone. For most people, having location freedom would be life changing in the most positive way possible and they won’t need to be on the move all of the time. I spoke with a woman yesterday whose interest in the Remote Control Project was because she simply wants location independence to see her children more who live in 3 cities.

Learn how to work your existing job or business from anywhere in the world. Change your location, not your financial situation. Become a Remote Professional by establishing location freedom with your current income stream in tact and have the freedom to go and live wherever you want.

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Arthur C. Clarke Predicting Digital Nomads in 1974

A great quote by Arthur C. Clarke in 1974 talking about computers and basically predicting the internet and location independence.

“They will make it possible to live really anywhere we like. Any businessman, any executive, could live almost anywhere on Earth and still do his business through a device like this,” he says. “It means we won’t be stuck in cities. We’ll live out in the country or wherever we please and still carry on complete interactions with other human beings as well as computers.”
– Arthur C. Clarke, 1974

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Listen to this: Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Digital Nomad Podcast)


The Digital Nomad Podcast is a great series of shows by Alondo Brewington and Warren Moore, two super smart entrepreneurs who have had some success in breaking free. One in particular that grabbed my attention is Episode #11: Don’t Quit Your Day Job in which they address the realities of launching a business. They don’t get too far into the specifics of trying to launch a business while you’re remote, but it seems the remote part is somewhat implied, which the focus being on the business part. Some great takeaways are that you should give yourself at least a year (12-18 months worth of cash to support yourself) at launching something and highly consider having something steady on the side while you get your business going. They also make mention of a post by Jacques Mattheij’s called “It Takes Three Years to Build a Business“, which is a great read.

I commend them on bringing this topic up because it seems there is a lot of misinformation as to what people should do and how they should go about it. As a general rule I feel trying to do both things at once, launching a business and beginning a move or travel adventure are not a wise decision. As always, I will cheer on those who flat out go for it and make it work, plenty of us wouldn’t have gotten where we are by heeding the warnings of others, but when there are a series of steps you can take to have more success, it is worth your time to consider them. We’ll always do our best to have stories of various types, from those who were more careful and calculated about how they went remote to those who quit their jobs, sold everything and went for it, but personally I will always lean towards keeping your income scenario steady and stable. Keep your job or continue running your business and changing your location. Visit the Digital Nomad Podcast website and listen to episode 11 and all the others, you’ll be glad you did!

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Making the Decision to Go Remote | Location Independence [Video]

Research shows we put more weight into how we may later regret a decision than we actually do if it ends up being a bad choice.

More importantly, we regret NOT making decisions to do things above all else.

In other words…DO IT.

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Great Song/Video: The Big Electron (Featuring Bill Hicks and George Carlin)

A fellow Entreprenomad and great friend of mine just forwarded this video and I’ve already watched it half a dozen times. It features comedic legends Bill Hicks and George Carlin, auto-tuned to a wonderful song by Melodysheep with an incredible message. Lyrics are below the video.

I hope you’re enjoying your ride. If not, don’t worry, don’t be a afraid, you can change it any time you want. Special thanks to Mark for the video and the reminder.
MP3 Download Here

PS: A very special Happy Birthday to my brother, I love you Jamie! 🙂

The Big Electron: Lyrics
Is this real?
Or is this just a ride?

The world is like a ride
You think it’s real – it’s just a ride
And we can change it any time we want
It’s only a choice – between fear and love

The ride goes up and down and round and round
It has thrills and chills and it’s very brightly colored
Up and down and round and round
And it’s very loud

Don’t worry, don’t be afraid
It’s just a ride
And we can change it any time we want
It’s only a choice between fear and love

Why are we here?
I think we’re part of a bigger wisdom
That we won’t ever understand
A higher order – call it what you want –
Know what I call it?

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Travel Agents + Moving to Another Country + Passport Jumping + Costa Rica

Travel agents are awesome. So is Harlow Newton. This video covers passport jumping/border crossing in Costa Rica and why we used a travel agent to book our tickets to move there.

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Introduction to the Remote Control Project [VIDEO]

If there’s something in your life that you’re thinking about doing and it’s positive and it feels right and feels fun, GO! GO! GO!

The Remote Control Project is a resource for people who want to work their existing job or run their company from anywhere in the world. Our mission is to help people become location independent remote professionals, giving people the freedom to work from anywhere.



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You Can Do Eeeeeeeeet!


“If I did it, so can you.” That sentence seems to be overused a lot, but it’s actually true. Has it been easy? No. There’s nothing easy about starting a business, most of them fail. There’s also nothing easy about being productive working outside of the 9 to 5-Monday through Friday-go to the same office every day template that we’ve all been told is the only way to success. None of it is easy, but nothing these days is and you’re here because you’re looking for more. Me too!

As I’ve gone along, I’ve realized the best thing we can do for each other is to share our experiences, help one another find what it is we’re looking for. My hope is that you find the encouragement, the tools and skills you need to live a live full of amazing experiences.

I look forward to sharing my (and others) tips, tricks and experiences that have helped along the way in an effort to make it easier for those attempting to do the same. Looking forward to seeing you around here, be sure and sign up for the newsletter or grab the rss feed so you can be updated every time a new article or video is posted.

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