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AxionCalc – Axion Calculator

AxionCalc – Axion Calculator

As Digital Nomads we’re always looking for ways to earn passive income and have become huge fans of cryptocurrencies. Crypto can be highly risky, but we found a project we recently became a part of called Axion.

Axion is a great new DeFi crypto project enabling users to earn great APY interest and Bitcoin dividends by staking the token. It is a community driven project with a lot of excitement around it. They have an “ethical finance” mantra as a core value and the daily Axion auctions even contribute to the planting of trees.

One of the main reasons we “aped in” was because of the tokenomics and community. Earning interest by “staking” long term means we don’t have to time the market or trade. We buy, stake, and hold. During the time we are holding, we earn free Bitcoin (it does sound crazy, but it’s true. Bitcoin dividends are part of the tokenomics of the project). Twice a week they have “VC auctions” and sales from the Axion ($AXN) tokens sold pay the stakers in wBTC (wrapped Bitcoin).

There is an Axion Calculator (AxionCalc), which is a great place to get started. You can change numbers in it to estimate investment and returns. It’s only for estimating, it’s not financial advice. After you use the AxionCalc if you have questions you can read more on the website or ask the community. The mods are nice and there many helpful videos from Axion Today or Punkynomics.

There’s great info at www.axion.network if you’re just getting started. I also recommend checking out discord and telegram if you have any questions. All links can be found on the Axion.Network website.

Axion – Blockchain Certificate of Deposit (Earn Bitcoin Dividends)

Use the Axion Calc Stake Calculator to estimate interest and weekly bitcoin dividends in your investment.


AxionCalc (Axion Calculator)

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